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PopArabia is a dynamic and versatile music company shaping the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) music landscape. Founded in 2011 by Canadian hip-hop pioneer, music executive, and entrepreneur, Spek, PopArabia has emerged as a prominent force in the global music industry. Our journey has been characterized by innovation, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to excellence.

Our Partnership: Our business was established through a strategic partnership with twofour54 Abu Dhabi, the UAE media zone that is home to the regional entertainment industry. Based in Abu Dhabi as a long-standing portfolio investment of twofour54 provided us with the solid foundations and ongoing support to flourish in an ever-evolving regional media landscape.

Sub Publishing Excellence: PopArabia has established itself as a premier sub-publisher, representing the world’s foremost music catalogs across the MENA territories. For over a decade, we have pioneered music licensing in the region, consistently breaking new ground and setting industry standards, while working with the world’s best music.

Global Expansion: In 2020, PopArabia embarked on an exciting new chapter by forging a partnership and joint venture with Reservoir, the renowned New York-headquartered music company with interests in music publishing, record label operations and artist management. Reservoir is the first independent music company to be publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. This alliance between Reservoir and PopArabia was established with the purpose of discovering, developing, and exporting Arabic talent to audiences around the world. It reflects our mission to promoting cultural diversity and bridging musical boundaries.

ESMAA: Elevating Music Rights: Building on our commitment to excellence and innovation, PopArabia launched a wholly owned subsidiary, ESMAA in the same year. ESMAA serves as a cutting-edge rights management entity, collaborating with the global music community and proactively leading the path for the licensing of performance, mechanical, and neighboring rights in the Gulf states. We work with rights holders and rights organizations around the world and take pride in our role solving complex challenges in the regional music ecosystem as a trusted steward of music rights regionally.

A Rich Musical Portfolio: As a recording label, music publisher and content creator, PopArabia stands as a vanguard of Arabic music representation. Our growing and extensive catalog spans over 14,000 songs, encompassing diverse genres and eras from the MENA region. Our ever-growing investment in catalog reflects our dedication to preserving and promoting the vibrant tapestry of Arab music.

At PopArabia, we see ourselves as more than simply a company; we are custodians of culture, architects of talent, and pioneers of progress in the music rights ecosystem. Our commitment to pushing boundaries and championing creativity defines who we are.

PopArabia Works With The Worlds Leading Music Publishers And Artists